Summer has sprung and with it comes wedding season! When you hit a certain age, it seems that you spend every single weekend, vacation day and dime on being in, at or part of a wedding. I have found that people come out of the woodwork once they get that ring from their prince charming. Sure, I haven’t seen you since kindergarten, or your mom and my mom were co-workers 10 years ago, I would love to attend your wedding!  Every time I open facebook, my news feed is littered with pictures of rings, engagement photos, wedding planning and bachelorette parties.  The wedding bells follow me to work as you can basically plan a wedding with Zapwater clients! Groom and Groomsmen ties from TheTieBar.com

Outstanding wedding catering from Blue Plate Chicago

A pre-wedding diet plan with Downsize Fitness

In the end, weddings are (usually) a blast full of great food, cocktails, friends and family and I am happy to attend every single one. We may as well live it up while we can because we all know what happens next - first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes babies in the baby carriage (eeek!)

Mimi Clark