Every Sunday morning, my lovely husband-to-be and I try to choose a new
brunch spot on our hunt for the best Bloody Mary in town. Now, Bloody Mary's
are a very personal drink. Everyone has their own version and their own
ideas of what should go inside, how spicy the drink should be and what the
perfect garnish is. So many restaurants and bars claim to have a great
Bloody Mary but fail in their attempt for the perfect combination of flavor,
alcohol and heat. I personally love when they add a little creativity as

Here are my recent favorites:

Bluprint restaurant & lounge for the amazing garnish of antipasti

Bin Wine Café - I love the Bloody Mary flight at this restaurant and the
chance to taste three different versions in one sitting.

Jerry's has the best Bloody Mary I've had in a long time. The flavors are
amazing and it has a great kick to it.

Annie Neyman
Group Director, Hospitality