I spent most of Tuesday walking the show floor of the PMA Show and it was evident to me that the show had seen better days. Aisle traffic was light and the amount of exhibitors was way down from the show's heyday in the 1990's. Yes, it's a sign of the economic times and many tradeshows have been scaled down because budget cuts, but I would not be surprised if PMA eventually became a sub-show of CES.

With that said, I had a blast hanging out at SONY's booth. SONY used the show to unveil its new supertelephoto lense. I sure could have used that shooting the Polar Bears!

I also had the pleasure of listening to Cristina Mittermeier speak. Cristina is one of Sony Artisans of Imagery™ and the Executive Director of The International League of Conservation Photographers. She spoke about how photography is becoming a critical tool in the green movement, "allowing conservationists to cut across boundaries of illiteracy and indifference" to create awareness. Her photos were amazing. Check them out here.

David Zapata