It’s official. Tax season is here. And despite the painful faces many people make at the mere sound of the word taxes, I am always hopeful come April that I will get a little something back from my hard work in the form of a REBATE CHECK. Rebate. Check. Two simple words, yet when strung together, I can’t help but get excited at the thought of all that money - once taken away month by month in the form of FICAs and SSWTs - that will surely return and be mine once again.

….Except, it’s never mine for very long. Even now as my 1099s sit patiently on my kitchen table, I am already thinking of all the ways I will put the money towards good use: perhaps a plane ticket to visit a friend in Boston, or a new swimsuit for my upcoming trip to Jamaica or how about a splurging on a nice dinner at Zapwater favorite, Hub 51?

No, this year I think I will do something even more unusual with my tax rebate. I think I’ll save it. Because if I’ve learned one thing from living in these economic times, it’s that sometimes the best gift to oneself is truly nothing at all.

Sarah Marseille