I can be quite particular about things from food to where I do my laundry. Sometimes I will drive ten miles out of my way just because I know a certain restaurant makes an outstanding fish taco. Having lived in Chicago now for nearly two years, I have searched my Old Town neighborhood far and wide for a decent place to get a haircut. Unfortunately, I have had little success.

Recently, I attended the grand opening for Urban Joe, a new barbershop located in Lakeview. As I walked in, I quickly noticed bleacher seating for waiting patrons, complimented by an array of flat screen televisions showing a movie or various sporting events. It became quite clear to me that Urban Joe isn’t the Enzo’s barbershop my Dad took me to as a kid in The Bronx, yet it seems that at Urban Joe the old school feeling of a classic barbershop blends easily with a new school vibe.

So through my journey of this fair city, I can check off another concern, for Urban Joe will be my new place to get a haircut and I shall have to wander no more

John Delaney
Special Projects/Office Manager