Summer TV brings a bevy of reality shows – people in jungles, dating series, singing competitions, American talent, and my personal favorite, dancing competitions.

I recently discovered I am not the only “So You Think You Can Dance” fanatic in the office, and we all can’t wait to see what Season 8 brings. Every summer, I am captivated by the latest dancing talent as the contestants Sumba, shimmy and shake across the floor. I grew up dancing, and that clearly makes me and my family professional judges who are amazed when those amateurs on TV get it wrong. I even find myself looking forward to Cat Deeley’s ridiculous and calculated jokes post-awkward judging moment.

The first episode of the new season premiered last week, and the tryouts look extremely promising. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another great male contemporary dancer, or at least some fabulous Mary Murphy-screaming worthy tryouts. As the season unfolds, you can follow me on Twitter (@spif_po) to discuss my favorites and fill me in on your own. I love fellow SYTYCD addicts!

What reality guilty pleasures are you looking forward to this summer?

Stephanie Poquette Assistant Publicist

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