Social Media Spotlight: Three Important Ingredients to Grow Your Social Following

ZB_8.25.15 Social media growth is a popular topic in our office and among our clients. How do you grow your channels? What are the best ways to do it? In my opinion, there are three easy (and affordable) ways to grow your social media following. I like to refer to them as the three “C’s” – Content, Consistency, and Community.

CONTENT: Research shows that you only have seven second window to make a strong first impression upon first meeting someone in-person. Why would our social channels be any different? Give people a reason to want to come back (and often!). You can do this by posting regularly to your channels…without going overboard! You don’t want to overwhelm someone’s feed with your photos and links! In addition, your content should be original and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

CONSISTENCY: Post consistently to your channels and make it a routine. Do you prefer to post on Instagram only twice a day? Only like to share a link or status update on Facebook on weekends? That’s fine! Fans/followers like to know what to expect – so manage their expectations by remaining consistent on your posting habits.

COMMUNITY: Develop an online community of engaged users. Find people’s feeds and content that speak to you, and engage with them - comment, like, re-share, etc.

- Jenn Lake, Vice President