I’ll admit, I am part of the dreaded Millennial generation. You know, the generation deemed lazy, uncooperative, and stubborn? It’s always unfortunate to read articles about my generation in a negative light, when I feel that Millennials have so much to offer, specifically in the realm of social and digital media.

People are media savvy, and consumers, brands, potential clients, and even teachers desire our generation to be tech smart. Prior to starting my career with Zapwater, I had no interest in social media outlets like Twitter. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t see the purpose. I was lost in the pre-Millennial world of thinking. We have all heard it, but it’s true – social media is the future. Now I fully embrace that.

As students or recent graduates plan to apply for fall internships or positions, they should definitely consider their approach to social media. Do you include your Facebook and Twitter accounts on your resume? Should you prove your social media worth? The answer: yes. We need to be able to utilize these outlets in order to promote our clients, to start conversations, to increase brand awareness, and to build a steady following of devoted fans and followers. Now more than ever, clients are demanding that their communications teams know how to use social media and can use it to their benefit.

I’m sure you’ve read a blog just like this before, and you know how important it is. But, you need to actually create your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles and actively and intelligently use them. Whether it’s creating a socially active resume or connecting with people in your industry, you can’t go wrong. Demonstrate that you are valuable and you have something to say. After all, we are the Millennials – an oversharing, loud and opinionated group – now prove it.

Stephanie Poquette