Small businesses always face challenges when they first start developing their brand and creating their clientele. Apps could be the perfect solution.

This morning, Founder and CEO Jim Heising of Red Foundry a Mobile App Platform, had the chance to share his insights on the future of apps and small businesses with listeners on Jim Blasingame’s radio show “The Small Business Advocate.“

Jim suggested that apps are a key business tool for small businesses interested in offering customers quick and easy access to information. Through apps, customers have enhanced access to a company, and as a result, are able to develop a more personal relationship with the small business.

Jim also pointed out that in the future, apps will be available over several mediums, increasing the power of their presence and creating the ultimate take-home experience. Apps that provide quick and relevant information will make a company more efficient without extra employees. Eventually, apps will become the preferred way of communication because of their ease and quick delivery of information.

Ultimately, through Red Foundry, small businesses don’t have to spend thousands of dollars paying an app developer; they can create a beautiful and relevant app with the simple and easy tools provided.

Find out more about the Red Foundry interview by listening to these clips from the show: