The good news is that January has come to an end. The bad news is that we live in Chicago so we have to endure at least 2 more months of severe winter weather. When the temperature drops people have a tendency to hibernate and while I admit I too fall into this category, I have been trying to brainstorm things to do that will motivate me to get me out of my apartment. So far I think I have a few good ideas…

· Eat up! Winter is the perfect time of year to eat hearty meals so I think I am going to check out Duchamp’s famous havarti cheeseburger with tomato remoulade – a burger that has been talked about for some time both in and outside of the culinary world. This burger creation by chef Michael Taus has received rave reviews so I will be sure to check it out!

· Indulge in some spa treatments. Sure it may not be pedicure season but get one anyways because you and your feet deserve it! Men can partake in the spa treatments too. From February 9th – 13th men can receive a massage or facial for $39 at HALO Salon and Spas for Men (Gold Coast location only).

· And the one remedy for winter blues that works time and time again – shopping! Look forward to spring by splurging on a new frock. Sometimes all a girl needs is a hot dress to pick up her spirits, so when winter has you down visit Le Dress boutique in Wicker Park to pick out a dress for a special occasion or just a great weekend out!

Deanne Daneck
Senior Publicist