I worked on my first political campaign when I was 16. Twenty-plus years later, I’ve worked on more campaigns than I wish to name. Currently, I am consulting on a gubernatorial campaign in Illinois. With that said, I usually keep my personal politics away from Zapwater. I understand that our clients and staff have political beliefs as diverse as our client list itself. But no matter who you support, do your civic duty and get out and vote on Feb 2!

During most of my campaign career, I’ve served in a variety of media-related rolls. My list of job titles has included Press Secretary, Communications Director and Media Consultant. As you can imagine, this time of year is like the Super Bowl to me. I’ll take a political commercial over a talking baby any day.

Later this week, I’ll list Illinois’ five best political commercials this primary cycle. But for now, I had to post what I believe is the most bizarre political commercial of the year. This one comes from Louisiana.

David M. Zapata