I am sure many ladies remember the quest for the perfect prom dress, shoes, purse and of course…date, like it was yesterday. I recall my senior prom dress, it was from cache and was a medley of silver sequins and sea foam green, very similar to the Donna Martin Mermaid costume on 90210. Nonetheless it was a “stressful” time, there was tanning, hair appointments, manicures and pedicures and figuring out who was going to book the limo. It all seemed so simple, beg my parents to pay for an overpriced night out and that was that. Almost ten years later (I do try to squeeze in the dress when I am home for the holidays), things are much different, especially in this economy when it comes to frivolous expenses.

So this prom season, le Dress, the city’s go-to dress destination, served as an official drop off location for The Glass Slipper Project, a 100% volunteer organization that gathers dresses, shoes, bags, make up and jewelry to help make prom a reality for those who would otherwise not be able to attend. Those who were gracious enough to donate those “Oh, I will totally wear this again” bridesmaid dresses received 20% off of a new item at the boutique. A multitude of items were just transported to Vernon Johns School today and will be added to the Glass Slipper Boutique when it opens again this Saturday in the school’s auditorium.

Don’t worry, no need to wait until next year to donate, the project takes donations all year long, check out The Glass Slipper Project to see how you can help!

Holly Winter
Senior Publicist