For regular visitors of the Zapwater blog, you may remember my New Years entry about saying “Hello!” to my goals for 2009. Although I am still surviving off microwavable foods and I now owe the Chicago Public Library some cash, I have made good on one of my New Years resolutions: living alone!

After weeks of packing my treasures, donating the clothes I no longer wear and scrubbing my belongings, as well as an afternoon with a mover who looked eerily like K-Fed, I am now the proud renter of 450sq feet of heaven in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Although I miss my two roommates, I have to say that getting my own digs has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! For anyone reading this who may be on the fence about getting their own place, please consider the following reasons why I love it so far:
• There isn’t a line for the bathroom at 8am
• I can listen to the same song on repeat all afternoon without anyone complaining
• If I buy a six-pack and drink one beer, there will be 5 left over, regardless of if I leave the apartment or have my name written on them
• My clothing won’t mysteriously be stained or returned to my closet noticeably smaller than before
• This poster isn’t hanging in my living room

Maybe now that I am settled into my new home I can start to tackle the rest of my goals of 2009. I suppose I will have to eat all of those Lean Cuisines in my fridge first…

Emma Richards
Assistant Publicist