PR Buzz: To Luxembourg

ZB_7.17.15 Earlier this month, I traveled to Luxembourg for Travel Lifestyle Network’s (TLN) annual meeting.

Zapwater is proud to be a member of TLN, which now has 21 members representing 25 countries. Created in 2008, TLN is an international network of independent, like-minded marketing communications agencies, serving a wide variety of clients, including travel, hospitality, destination, lifestyle and consumer.

Clients benefit from TLN’s local expertise, know-how and international presence. Each agency in TLN is a market leader in its region owning a far-reaching range of knowledge both in industry sectors and tactical skills.

By bringing together leading professionals in their respective market, TLN combines the advantages of global reach with those of local market knowledge.

At TLN’s annual meeting, members from across the globe, met to make important steps to accommodate future growth. And boy are we excited for the future.

Interested to find out more about Travel Lifestyle Network, visit our website:

- David Zapata, President

P.S. that beautiful building in the background is the castle of Vianden.