Meet Team ZAP: Brigid Parr


Brigid Parr is an award-winning account supervisor with a focus on lifestyle public relations, particularly fashion, interior design and horticulture.  Since joining Zapwater Communications in 2011, Brigid has worked on local and national campaigns including Room & Board, Ball Horticultural, Topshop, Henry & Belle, Birdies, GILT, Gilt City and The Tie Bar. Brigid’s work has been recognized in numerous local and national awards, including Sabre Awards, PCC Golden Trumpet Awards, Bulldog Awards and HSMAI Adrian Awards. Prior to Zapwater Communications, Brigid worked in the public relations department at Bloomingdale’s. Brigid holds bachelor’s degrees in public relations and advertising and communication studies from DePaul University. Learn 10 things about Brigid:

  • Daily Read: The Skimm
  • Favorite Foods: Nachos, nectarines, cheeseburgers and Sour Patch Kids
  • Beauty Must-Have: Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3. It’s a godsend for those of us that love hair bleach.
  • Current Style Obsession: Sneakers and athleisure
  • Worst Habit: Overuse of words like “perfect,” “amazing” and “definitely.”
  • Best Habit: Making checklists.
  • Favorite Chicago Restaurant: Maude’s or Avec
  • Guilty Pleasure: Au Cheval cheeseburgers
  • Instagram Accounts I Stalk Regularly: SomethingNavy, MyDomaine, Infatuation, and I’m embarrassed to admit, but any of the Kardashians/Jenners.
  • If I Didn’t Work in PR, I’d…: do something with interior design.