internOne thing I love about the PR industry is that it’s always unpredictable.  As an intern at Zapwater, I never know exactly what each day holds for me. No matter how much I plan, unexpected tasks or errands will pop up and I’m forced to rearrange my priorities for that day. With each new task comes a new lesson and from that lesson an added skill I can take away from this experience.

As Zapwater brings in new interns this month, I feel it is my duty to pass on any knowledge I’ve soaked up here the past four months. Below are my three golden rules to staying organized and ready to tackle any project that comes your way!


1. Find an organization system that works for you and stick to it!

It is important to keep track of every task, idea and important conversation. Don’t rely on your memory because details will pile up and before you know it your brain will overflow. Some people work best with digital calendars and typed up outlines, while others carry notebooks filled with post its, highlighter marks and dog-eared pages. I am 100% the latter type of person. There is no right way; there is just your way, so figure out a system and use it daily.

2. Invest in comfortable shoes and a quality bag.

Anyone who grew up playing sports has heard some variation of the line, “If you’re not sore than you’re not working hard enough.” This phrase is just as relevant for anyone (especially females!) who works in a city.  After a few weeks of lugging around props for TV segments and picking up lunches your feet will hate you. Get a bag that is big enough to hold your laptop, notebook and an extra pair of comfy shoes with enough room to spare.

3.  Say Yes. 

That sounds like a corny segment from an Oprah episode but saying yes can take you a long way.  Try to take on as many new projects as your schedule will allow because they will all teach you something.  You may think simple tasks like mailing a box is not as valuable as writing a release, but to prove you wrong below are three life lessons I’ll never forget from doing “small tasks.”

  • Cab drivers don’t like to pick up people who carry a lot of bags, so order a cab ahead of time- then they are forced to take you.
  • Call stores to see if they carry an item instead of “checking a few places” (refer to rule #2).
  • Print out directions beforehand because while Google maps on your Smartphone is great- phone batteries die (usually when you’re lost…. at night…with no cabs around).