2013 Trend Prediction: Everyone will want to Hug a Mutt

  dribbbleMy 2013 trend prediction?  Mutts. Wikipedia defines a mutt as a “mongrel”or “mixed-breed” dog.  For me a mutt is more closely defined as a Maddie, Daisy, Wilbur or Butch.  Mutts come in sizes big and small . Mutts live longer. They have street credibility. And most importantly, mutts are easier to adopt and just as loveable as pure bred dogs.

I adopted my mutt four years ago… She’s a jack-Russell poodle mix; the cuddliest, squirrel-catching scrapper you’ll ever meet. Back then, it was all about the designer-dog and pocket pup. Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell lived so glamorously that everyone wanted a Tinkerbell to call their own.

Now though, times have changed.  It’s the age of being more conscious: the environment; how we’re educating our children; treating one another more humanely, etc. More and more people want to dig-in, get their hands dirty and give-back.

It’s not really about a mutt or a pure bred dog. It’s about making a difference in the life of an animal. It’s about choosing to give a furry friend a forever home. It’s about looking into an adult animal that might be better suited to your lifestyle than a puppy. Finally, it’s about saying no to puppy mills and pedigrees.

Brands like Pedigree, celebrities like Emma Stone and Zoe Saldana who adopted dogs this Christmas and the media (TODAY, WGN) are raising awareness about the value of a mutt. #humblebrags about adopting pets are commonplace.  Therefore, I’m confident and proud that  2013 is going to be the year of the mutt dog and mutt cat.

Want to be part of the next biggest trend? Visit http://www.petfinder.com/ which lists thousands of animals available for adoption.  If you’re local, please consider PawsChicago  or the AntiCruelty Society.

Nora Sarrawi, Vice President 


* NOTE: Zapwater is proud to be a Dog-Friendly office.