Four months ago I began my internship at Zapwater Communications. Going in I was both nervous and excited for the experience that lay before me. Was I going to do well? What kind of things would I be working on? Would my only input be “cream and sugar in your coffee?” As a graduating senior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Marketing Communications, I knew a challenging internship that offered hands on experience would be the best way for me to build my portfolio and help give me the confidence to take my burgeoning career to the next level. But would Zapwater Communications deliver?

From my first day I was working directly with Zapwater’s publicists on a variety of accounts in lifestyle, hospitality and corporate. On any given day I could spend the morning writing a case study for a hip, Chicago-based jewelry designer and in the afternoon I’ll be editing a release for an environmentally friendly paper company. The office atmosphere ranges from calm and collected to a controlled chaos, depending on what is going on that day (or even that hour!). The flow of ideas around the office is almost contagious, allowing me to learn something new every day I am here.

Throughout my semester here I have worked closely with publicist Susan Schreiber and senior publicist Annie Neyman on the Hotel Sax and Crimson Lounge accounts. Recently Zapwater used their event savvy to help orchestrate the grand unveiling of the newly renovated Hotel Sax. The two-day event was one of my favorite experiences at Zapwater because it gave me, and over a thousand party goers, an opportunity to see the final outcome of all Zapwater’s hard work that I was fortunate enough to take part in.

So has Zapwater delivered? In case you couldn’t already tell, the answer is a resounding yes! As I am about to dive head first into post-college life, I know that my experience at Zapwater has helped to prepare me for the challenges that are ahead. With my newly fattened portfolio in my hands and the Zapwater mantra “We don’t make headlines, our clients do” in my mind, I am ready for all the world of public relations has to throw at me!

Emma Richards