Sharing an office with a girl named Holly Winter (yes – it’s her real name), you’d think seasonal spirit wouldn’t be hard to come by. But the truth is, I dread the cold days and heavy snow that follow the winter months here in Chicago and often wonder why I wasn’t lucky enough to be born in Florida, Texas, or better yet, on the equator. There really is not doubt about it - I am a true summer girl. And while I have to admit that there is something wonderful about the first big snowfall of the season, I am still the first one in our office to skip leaving for lunch the second a flake hits the sidewalk.

So, as I was clumsily trudging through four inches of blizzard this past Tuesday on my way to the gym, I was thinking more about avoiding the stray taxi sliding gracefully out of control than I was appreciating how snowfall in Chicago feels like being on the inside of a snow globe. What kind of person goes to workout during a snowstorm, you ask? The kind with summer on the brain. Swimsuit season is only six months off, after all….

Sarah Marseille