Those of you that celebrate the wonderful holiday of Christmas may not be aware of what goes on Christmas Eve for us non-celebrating folks. As the four questions ask...why is this night different from all other nights? Because Chicago's "chosen" people gather for a night of food, drink and entertainment that doesn't involve decking the halls or Mom's eggnog. There are basically two options for Christmas Eve...One, an exciting night out munching on Egg Rolls and Mongolian Beef at the favorite local Chinese Restaurant or multi-plex. OR...take a swig of Maneschewitz and hit the town. In the last few years, Christmas Eve has become one of the biggest party nights of the year with a slew of events happening around the city. This year, the new kids on the Hubbard Street block, HUB 51 will be hosting "Hubukkah" to honor the holiday eve. Pitchers of Maneschewitz Sangria will be flowing and dreidels will be spinning...so don't burn down the house lighting the 4th night's candle.Annie Neyman
Group Director, Hospitality