So, this blog entry came out of realizing I was signing a lot of emails with my initials (K.A.) and noticing that K.A. is not only an acronym for "Kick-Ass," but also the abbreviations for two of my favorite clients: K.Amato and Katherine Anne.

A long-time Zapwater client, jewelry designer Kristen Amato is my kind of client (and she has great initials to boot). She creates affordable yet fashionable earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that are totally trendy yet completely classic. A former chemistry major from the University of Illinois, Kristen is a big fan of initials (formulas to fashion) as you can tell with the Monroe necklace.Another great K.A. and account the entire office enjoys sampling is rising confectionery company Katherine Anne Confections. Handmade from only natural, local, or organic ingredients by Katherine Duncan, the traditional truffles and classic caramels are a perfect present anytime of year. I'm particularly partial to the Toasted Coconut Rum truffles which are being featured with Kilo Kai Rum at the Sweetest Single party at Crimson Lounge on Wednesday, October 15th hosted by Attorney Tamara Holder.So if your initials are K.A. and you're looking for a PR agency, just note I'll most likely work on your account just because we both have the same "Kick-Ass" initials.

Kiran Advani
Vice President, Lifestyle