There is something about the Fall that brings a smile to my face and the occasional tear to my eye, from the cool breeze of course. Chicago summers are fantastic, but Chicago in the FALL cannot be overlooked. Walking around downtown, breathing the fresh crisp air and snuggling up to that special someone.

What is there not to love about the Fall? Not only is the weather great, not too hot and not too cold, but lets not forget the FASHION and the FUN. The store windows change like the color of the leaves when Fall comes around. There is excitement that builds as you walk down the city streets and observe the changing of the trends and styles. Fall is the gateway to winter, you must pass through it to enter the next season. Fall Fashion is the gatekeeper, letting us know what to look for as we make our journey. I could go on and on about the season, fashion, and the fun!I think that Zapwater clients, le Dress and Crimson Lounge, feel the same way about the Fall as I do. Tonight, Crimson Lounge is hosting the Dress and Dash Fall Fashion Show where attendees can view the latest fall fashions from le Dress, Chicago’s dress only destination and haberdash, the city’s men’s shop. This event is for chic guys and ladies ready to rock this season’s hottest trends.

No matter what your interests, there is fun to be had and beauty to be seen all around the city during this time of year! I hope I was able to spread some Fall joy and I look forward to seeing you around town .

Ashley Plaetzer