Did you know that August 28th is National Bow Tie Day? Made popular again by the likes of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire the iconic bow tie has truly made it’s resurgence in popularity around the country, throughout Chicago, and the Zapwater Communication’s office.  Our client The Tie Bar, now one of the largest retail necktie companies in the world, has certainly helped build the buzz for this holiday.  The brand hailed by both GQ Magazine and Esquire delivers new ties, tie bars, pocket squares, and of course bow ties every month to ensure a fashion forward selection of products for their customers Last year the brand hosted a Guinness World Record event at Wrigley Square in Millennium Park. About 500 guests joined together to set the record for most people tying a bow tie at the same time.  In order to set the record, 250 people needed to successfully tie the bow tie. Approximately 360 guests were successful and helped The Tie Bar establish this now official bow tie record.

Where to go in 2012 you ask?  One word: International!  The Tie Bar tasked its customers that span the globe to film themselves in the now universal act of bow tying.  The end result can be found in the You Tube video below and features numerous US cities and world countries all joining in.  Participating places include Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Aruba, Paris, China, Germany, and The Tie Bar’s home base of Naperville.

Leading up to August 28th we are enlisting others to join the Bow Tie revolution and submit their own video to The Tie Bar at   Spread the word, take part in the movement, and celebrate International Bow Tie Day on August 28!


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