GoodAsGold1 My favorite Olympic sport is gymnastics. Part of why I think I love it so much is because I was in fact a gymnast. My home storage unit has the medals and ugly leotards to prove it. Watching the Fierce Five win gold at the London Games gave me flashbacks to grueling two-a-day workouts and weekend team competitions. Gymnastics isn’t for the faint of heart, mind or body.

Gymnastics in many ways reminds me of the PR industry. It’s both a team and individual sport, requiring an unimaginable amount of strength, determination and commitment. For those that are up to the challenges, the rewards are often “good as gold.”

One of my regrets in life was giving up the sport of gymnastics. But thankfully, in many ways PR allows me to continue it. Every day is a new exercise and opportunity to deliver amazing results for our clients.

If only I could still do a double back flip…. Sigh.

Jenn Lake