Twitter campaigns. Everyone has participated in one and most companies have done them.

But, what makes a Twitter campaign successful? Is it the topic of the campaign? The prize? The unique hashtag? Whatever the magical formula, it’s important as someone that handles social media to know what you look for in campaigns that you love. This week, Moviefone’s “Name the Horror Movie” contest, which will launch on October 1 and last the entire month, has caught my attention.


  1. The contest is simple. Moviefone will post one iconic movie still from a horror film every day in October. The first person to guess what the movie is wins free tickets to a theater near them. The only requirements for your tweet are that you reply to @moviefone, follow them on Twitter and use the hashtag #HorrorGiveaway.
  2. It has something people want – FREE tickets to a theater near you.
  3. Competition. I want to win.
  4. Holiday appeal. The site is taking something they know (movies) and applying it to something everyone loves (Halloween and horror films).


To read more about the contest, visit http://blog.moviefone.com/2011/09/30/win-free-tickets-moviefone-horror-contest/


What can we learn from this Twitter contest?

  1. Know your audience
  2. Keep your campaign simple
  3. Have a place to house more information (like Moviephone has done on their website)
  4. Reward the people that follow you

There are no set rules for creating a Twitter contest, but knowing what appeals to you, your company or your client will always be a great start. Happy Tweeting!

Stephanie Poquette