I set a goal for myself a long time ago which was to complete a half marathon at some point in my life.  Three summers ago I signed up for one but quickly became side tracked from training when I met and started dating my now fiancée.  I must have been too caught up in romantic dinners and date nights to stick to the regimented running schedule.

However, now that we are engaged and our wedding is two months away, I figured signing up for the Chicago half marathon would be the perfect way to jump start my bridal fitness routine.  I’ve always loved to run but had never pushed myself so far.  I stuck to the training schedule all summer (even through one of the busiest summers of my career) and felt ready for the big race.

I’m proud to say I finished in 2 hours and 17 minutes and ran the entire time!  I had a goal for myself to not stop and walk until 8 miles, but pushed myself through to the end.  It was a great experience and I plan to try and run a half marathon every year.


Deanne Daneck

Account Supervisor