In the world of American Pop Culture you can be scorching hot one second and ice cold the next. With massive record sales, a huge world tour, and a headlining gig at Chicago’s Lollapalooza it would appear Lady Gaga is on top of the world. But backlash of her raw meat dress at last nights MTV Video Music Awards would appear that some are growing tired of the shtick.

The most successful pop stars are the ones who constantly reinvent themselves (Madonna) without looking like desperate wannabes (Christina Aguilera anyone?) It is a very fine line that many have talked but few can walk. Gaga is in a crossroads right now. Does she base her antics off a deeper hidden message? Or is she simply dressing weird for nothing more than shock and attention? What made many people love her now seems to be pushing people away.

Without compromising her own image Gaga needs to bear in mind that she doesn’t want to deter fans either. I mean after you strip away the makeup, the glitter, and the gays, one can see that Lady Gaga truly is a musical visionary with a political voice to match. It will be her next moves that determine whether she is this generations pop icon or a musical spark that the public got wary of.

If Gaga throws on jeans and a white t shirt and belts one out, now that would be truly shocking!

Michael Corrigan Assistant Publicist