Talk about a hectic schedule.

Peoria. Phoenix. Wisconsin.

This is just a glimpse into the travel schedule for Chicago attorney and fathers’ rights advocate Jeffery Leving. Over the last month, he has traveled around the country delivering speeches, participating in symposiums and speaking on behalf of fathers’ rights.

In Peoria, Jeffery Leving convened a symposium to discuss the 2006 findings of the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood. Jeffery Leving serves as Chairman of this state commission whose mission is to promote responsible parenting and encourage fathers to be active with their children.

In Phoenix, Jeffery Leving gave a lecture at the 8th Annual National Fatherhood and Families Conference. At this conference, he discussed alternative methods of dealing with incarcerated fathers throughout the legal process and barriers that continue to arise.

On Friday, Jeffery Leving will be a keynote speaker at the 4th Annual Wisconsin Fatherhood Conference. The goal of this conference is to strengthen the role of fathers and to examine and suggest resolutions of issues created by homes and children without fathers.

Jeffery Leving continues to be an advocate for fathers’ rights. Click here from time to time to learn more about his activities.

Ryan McLaughlin
VP/Group Director