In past years, thinking of the perfect gifts for those on my list had a tendency to keep me up at night! Was that sweater too unoriginal? Will she know I got it on sale at Kohl’s? Will this tie go with anything in his closet? Luckily, gift giving got easier this year as I turned to the websites of some of Zapwater’s haute-est clients. From that high-maintenance friend to the boyfriend who thinks flannel pajama pants are a “staple” wardrobe item, this list has something for everyone!

Fashionable Femme
She knows how to look fashionable at the beach. She has the perfect matching Burberry scarf and gloves for tromping through the snow. But what will she do in the pouring rain? For the girl who has to look chic at all times, Hunter Wellies from grace shoe boutique in Bucktown are the perfect gift! They come in assorted colors and can be paired with removable fleece linings ($30) to match any outfit. Best of all – they’re affordable at only $98 per pair! When your wardrobe isn’t waterproof, turn to Hunter Wellies to make a fashion statement even when you’re soaked.

Low-Maintenance Lad
He’s never purchased a suit. He can’t tie a tie on the first try….or third. When it comes to fashion, comfort is key for this guy. Luckily, even hoodies can look haute when they’re from TK Men, the designer menswear boutique in Bucktown. Check out the Wool Zig-Zag RVCA hoodie. It’s cotton lined and puts some pop into an outfit with no effort at all. RVCA hoodies are only $112 and come in assorted colors.

Know a guy who attributes his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to video game playing? Get him a reservation for a night at the new Hotel Sax Chicago. The completely renovated space, once occupied by the House of Blues Hotel, offers technological amenities like nothing you’ve seen in hospitality. Specifically, the “Studio,” a technology lounge on the sixth floor of the hotel, allows guests to play with XBOX, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and countless other entertainment technologies at no cost at all. A technology butler is present at all times to ensure that no tech needs go unfulfilled!

For the girl who is always on top of the latest fashions and trends, K.Amato designs will fit her fancy and freshen her look. Jewelry designer Kristen Amato incorporates the trends of the moment into all of her latest designs. All of her accessories are stylish and chic and pair well with any outfit! The Clark necklace, an expandable 15.5-17 inch gold-filled chain with astrological sign pendant, is a favorite this season. All the hottest celebrities are making a statement with these understated pieces. Get this gift today. After all, its in the stars!

These haute picks only represent a handful of what Zapwater clients have to offer. From jewelry to technology, our clients have something for everyone this holiday season. Wishing you a happy holiday and only the haute-est gifts!

Susie Schreiber

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