Everyone has them, that cousin, nephew, brother or dad that you just don’t know what to buy him this holiday season. This year I'll help make it easy for you, TK Men, Bucktown’s fresh men’s boutique is carrying a little something for everyone and is your one-stop shopping store. Owner and celebrity stylist, Lindsay McKay, provides an easy solution for you. Simply bring in a picture of that difficult male to shop for in your life and she will do the picking. McKay will conceptualize a few different outfit ideas, or suggest accessories offering multiple methods of wearing them.

Recently McKay threw a closed-door shopping event for friends of her mother, Donna McKay, and the success was tremendous. She was able to satisfy all the shopping needs of the women from the Western suburbs, as they got a jump-start to their holiday shopping and a few cocktails to get them in the spirit!

Ali Hazlinger
Senior Publicist

Hot picks this holiday season (Brixton Hats ranging in price from $30-60, Cashlords Silk Rocker Polo $145, and eubiQ NY Underground Overcoat $330):

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