Oh the places we will go while working at Zapwater! I was recently given the chance to travel to Cologne, Germany (aka Köln, if we're being extra authentic) with Gura Gear to assist at Photokina, the world’s leading imaging fair. The team at Gura Gear has been working day and night to launch their newest line of bags and accessories at Photokina, and I was lucky enough to get a first look at the bags and share them with editors from around the world. While a single blog post won’t do our time in Germany justice, I’ve decided to share some photos from my trip… a picture is worth a thousand words!

And we’re off! Good bye, USA; hello, Germany!


The Germans are all about short and simple street names.


A beautiful day in Frankfurt on the Rhine.


The espresso did absolutely nothing for the jet lag!


Quaint architecture in Frankfurt.



A mouthwatering dessert on our first night in Germany.


We’ve arrived in Cologne! The view from my hotel room wasn’t so bad.


The Cologne Cathedral at night. UNREAL.

The newest line of Gura Gear bags – Bataflae. Editors and consumers alike were extremely impressed!


Another addition to Gura’s collection – Et Cetera accessory bags.

Live from the Gura Gear booth at Photokina!

When in Germany… I had to try “The Delicacy of Cologne,” otherwise known as sauerkraut soup. My sodium limit for the month.


Guten morgen, Koln! A gorgeous sunrise.


Inside the Cologne Cathedral.


My time in Germany at Photokina was something I’ll never forget. The people, food, architecture, culture and experience were fantastic, and I can’t wait until my next adventure. Who knows where the Zapwater team will be next!

Until next time… Prost!