From The Big Apple Back to The Windy City


Nearly five years ago I took the leap from Chicago to New York City just months after finishing an internship at Zapwater. Having lived in Chicago most of my life, I needed a change and what better place to go as an aspiring publicist than NYC. So with that, I packed my bags and set off to The Big Apple.

While in NYC, I experienced the best of and sometimes the worst of the city. I started out at Rolling Stone Magazine and from there moved on to pursue my career in PR at leading agencies in the city. From fashion week to various events, shows and openings, I was exposed to some really rad things. I love NYC. The romance of New York City, the energy you cannot get anywhere else, wining and dining with friends at new restaurants, weekend trips out East to the Hamptons and Montauk, shopping on 5th Ave or in SoHo, coffee strolls in Central Park, my beloved apartment in my desired neighborhood (Tribeca), the list goes on…

New York City truly is one of the greatest cities in the world and I am beyond grateful for my experiences there and the people I met.

After years of hard work, good times, great friends and many fun, interesting experiences, I decided it was time to return to what I know as home, Sweet Home Chicago.

Coming full circle back to Zapwater, I was more than thrilled to return to where it all started. It has been very rewarding working alongside such a dynamic group of intelligent people – I love my Zapwater team and my newfound work/life balance. It has now been six months (WOW time flies) and I can genuinely say it’s good to be back. At first, I was skeptical and uncertain I made the right move back to Chicago. Things changed since I last lived here. But now that I am finally feeling settled, I’ve come to realize what I always knew – Chicago is amazing.

Chicago is livable and far more affordable so I can continue to do the things I love like shopping and dining, but also embark on the things I missed like traveling. It has a killer restaurant scene that’s only getting better. It’s a beautiful, clean city with incredible architecture that I appreciate every day with my city view. And I am beyond excited for a full summer here – you can’t beat summertime Chi. Everyone is out and about enjoying restaurant patios, boating on Lake Michigan, beach volleyball and outdoor festivals. Everyone seems to appreciate the quality of life in Chicago and there is a genuine happiness that accompanies that. Most importantly, being close to my family again is invaluable and what ultimately brought me back.

I love Chicago – it is a wonderful, charming, underestimated city that I am proud to call home again.

Until next time NYC, Chicago remains home.

Amy Stahulak, Account Supervisor