In January, Vertigo Sky Lounge celebrated the 4th installation of their annual Fire & Ice patio. Due to unseasonably warm weather, the ice bar was pushed back a week, but saw an excellent turn out with the launch of the Ice Bar on Friday. Vertigo Sky Lounge invited the city’s finest to experience a fully functional custom carved Ice Bar accompanied by ice sculptures, Svedka Vodka fembots and live ice sculpting on its year round outdoor patio. DWG_1625

Our friends from the Chicago Sun-Times Splash hosted the VIP reception along with Vertigo Sky Lounge, bringing Chicago’s tastemakers their first taste of a real Chicago winter in 2013. Guests were in awe with the transformation of Vertigo’s signature patio which hosted 6,000 pounds of snow and Svedka Vodka cocktails from the Ice Bar. Patrons were invited to lounge near the fire pits on the patio in robes provided Vertigo Sky Lounge for the ultimate Fire & Ice experience.

While guests “chilled” outside near the ice bar, inside of the penthouse lounge renowned jewelry designer K. Amato showcased sparkling bridal jewelry to accompany the Chicago Sun-Times Splash’s wedding issue that circulated the VIP reception. The jewelry received praise from patrons and shone under a spotlight making it an indoor centerpiece for the party.



Following the VIP reception guests danced the night away to the sounds of Vertigo’s house DJ while sipping sizzling fire shots from the Ice Bar. Vertigo Sky Lounge continues to wow the city with its Fire & Ice patio which becomes more extravagant each year. Though this hot event is in its fourth year, it hasn’t lost its cool factor.

Camille Smith, Asst. Publicist