If you follow this blog, you will notice that my last post was announcing my engagement and this blog will also have a bridal angle so bear with me.  In the Zapwater office, my mind is consumed with everything bridal – we have two brides-to-be in the office and many of our clients are in the bridal industry. 

I’ve recently come to really appreciate a few new bridal resources and wanted to share with other future brides.

1. Weddington Way

This is an AMAZING new website that is every bridesmaid’s dream come true.  This site allows the bride to pick out her bridesmaid’s dresses based on color, fabric, cut, price, you name it!  They are a new client that we are thrilled to begin working with since the possibilities are endless and they may have just about cured the curse of wearing a bad bridesmaid dress!


This is a fabulous website recommended to me by Annie Block, Director of Hospitality in the Zapwater office.  This site allows you to create a custom wedding website for free!  They have a variety of fonts, layouts, themes, etc. so you can really make it your own style.  I’m still working on my website (so don’t judge), but here is a sneak peak so you can see for yourself how beautiful it is. Click Here.

3. is not a new resource for me since I have had the pleasure of working with them for over a year, but now I am so excited to experience working with them on a whole new level!  For those of you who aren’t familiar, is a custom paper and décor website.  I am currently working with them on my save-the-dates and plan on using them for everything customized in my wedding.

Deanne Daneck Senior Publicist