As a first time dog owner, I could not be more excited about springtime in Chicago. You see, we adopted our pup Tater (as in tot --- not the salad) at eight weeks old on Thanksgiving Day. Not surprisingly, the first four months were full of quick trips outside, indoor doggy play dates and short sprints from the car to our front door. While I love having Tater in my life, owning a dog in the city has not been the glamorous experience I fantasized about ever since moving onto Armitage Street, a dog-friendly Mecca for lifestyles of the rich and fabulous, three years ago.

Now that the first signs of spring have finally arrived, I have started to anxiously daydream about all the metropolitan ways Tater and I will be spending our summer. From trips to Montrose beach and runs along the lakefront to outdoor brunches and Dog Park play dates; the possibilities seem endless. (Never mind the fact that I don’t like running, or that the nearest Dog Park is miles away…)

Tater is a full on mutt: Part German Shepherd, with a splash of Golden Retriever, yellow lab and possibly Shar-pei, and as a proud dog owner, I am determined to show him off. Some of Zapwater’s favorite dog friendly locales include Le Dress Boutique in Wicker Park and the park around the Park Grill on the Plaza.

What are your favorite dog friendly venues?

Sarah Marseille

Senior Publicist