The story of the arrest, trial and execution of John Wayne Gacy in the late 70’s early 80’s is part of Chicago History.  He certainly affected lots of lives - not just the young victims, but also the many family members of the victims who continue to suffer today.  Some of our city's residents speak about Gacy as new serial killers appear on the scene and others just wish the whole situation was never spoken of again.  While working with award-winning producer Clark Peterson, producer of “Monster,” on the upcoming film “Dear Mr. Gacy” starring William Forsythe, the Zapwater team has learned a lot about this man they called The Killer Clown.  As a native of Washington, DC., and transplant to Chicago a few years ago, I’m glad I now know this story.  Get yourself up to speed on what happened 30 years ago and the movie coming out in 2010 by reading the latest media clips and checking out www.dearmrgacy.com.        

Kevin Metz
Vice President