The Chicago DJ scene continues to hold its own not only on the dance floor but with national recognition as well. DJs Matt ROAN and E-SIX debuted their new four turntable video DJ component at local nightclub Le Passage during their signature Dance Party Magic event on April 4th.

For those of you who have not been fortunate enough to experience Matt ROAN and E-SIX live, this duo provides a highly energized, original and thoughtful performance that leaves the crowd no choice but to feed off their enthusiasm. Therefore, an already successful Dance Party Magic has only been enhanced or revolutionized by the new visual component of their show.

Unlike previously added visual effects, ROAN and E-SIX have taken the time to have original music videos and other images remixed to fit their music specifically. The images shown during their shows are almost an extended component of the music and definitely add another level of originality to an already stand-out act.

However, in addition to their newly enhanced live performance, DJ E-SIX is representing Chicago as well as his top 5 DJ picks on the national music website DJ E-SIX's top 5 is only a taste of what is to come of their live act, but hopefully it will hold you over for now. Don't miss the upcoming Dance Party Magic One Year Anniversary!

Rebecca Palkovics
Assistant Publicist