In recent years, chefs have become a new type of celebrity thanks to shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef. Though they’re not always in the press for the positive (I won’t name names…) there is at least one chef who is doing some pretty amazing work for no other reason than to bring top quality food to Milwaukee diners. Chef Mark Weber of Mason Street Grill in Milwaukee recently traveled to Maine to source fresh lobster for his summer menu.  With the assistance of brothers John and Brendan Ready of Ready Seafood Co., Chef was able to experience the work of a lobsterman firsthand. Just as Ready Seafood Co. prides itself on knowing where every lobster comes from, Chef Weber takes pride in knowing the effort that goes into obtaining the highest quality food for Mason Street Grill guests.


Sure this was no episode of Deadliest Catch, but there were stories of finger injuries at the claw of a ten pound lobster and sightings of rare orange lobsters that are one in ten million! The result of Chef’s hard work is a delicious lobster menu all summer long at Mason Street Grill. So Chicagoans, if Chef can travel to Maine to catch your dinner, the least you can do is make the hour and a half trip to Milwaukee to enjoy it!

Mary Doyle