One of my favorite parts of the fashion industry is its tendency to embrace the theatrical.  Often time’s brands will stage very elaborate set ups and shows to break through the clutter and be top of mind to both media and their many consumers. While I plan for my upcoming trip to Paris this September I couldn’t help but fall in love with the great list of men’s designers who recently unveiled their spring 2013 collections to the masses. My favorite by far would have to be American menswear designer, Thom Browne, who brought men’s fashion week to a closet this year.  His entire presentation revolved around the mythology of fashion.  On arrival to the large French chateau, guests were greeted by lush greenery that was covered with neat lines of rather large silver wingtip shoes.  Almost straight out of the Chronicles of Narnia, the garden was next invaded by huge silvery satyrs.  After the satyrs had worked their macabre magic on the crowd, an army of giant Slinkys shuffled into the garden one by one.  Each of them settled over the silver shoes and proceeded to have the slinky drop where a model was then revealed in an outfit from Browne's new collection.


In a not so subtle nod to spring madras and plaid dec­o­rated the lat­est offer­ings from the designer. Mix­ing a sub­tle nau­ti­cal motif with his most tamed col­lec­tion to date, the suited short set dom­i­nated. Cuffed and paired with the shrunken blazer, shorts were com­ple­mented by Browne’s sig­na­ture knee-high socks. Lay­er­ing looks, shorts became shorter and prints more novel. Whales appeared as clouds and the lob­ster found itself hard to be missed (my personal favorite was on the elbow of a few sport coats.) Acces­sorized in sun­glasses and hold­ing the occa­sional umbrella, Thom Browne’s man was the quin­tes­sen­tial prep star of the sea­son.  Sign me up!


The collection and the presentation completely took my breath away.  I cannot wait to visit Paris, and I cannot wait for Thom Browne this Christmas.  In case you hadn’t heard he is also one of 24 designers picked by Target and Neiman Marcus for their holiday capsule collection set to launch December 1st.  Plaid lamps anyone?


 Michael Corrigan