At Zapwater we live by the mantra “We Don’t Make Headlines, our Clients Do”. We prefer to call the shots behind the scenes and let others shine. Always mindful of not being “those PR people” we prefer to be off camera. Of course things do pop up from time to time.

This summer I had an opportunity presented to me by Zapwater friend and host of Celeb TV, Kelli Zink. The reality show Giuliana and Bill was filming there third season and they needed a local PR person to dole out some advice and hang with Giuliana as she taught a broadcast seminar to aspiring journalists. After a little hesitation I agreed that it could be a fun experience. I shot three times with Giuliana over the next month including two dinner scenes and the broadcast seminar. I was immediately struck by two realizations: 1) It is very uncomfortable being filmed eating while groups of people watch you from the street 2) It is clear to see how Giuliana gained her fame She always remained professional, well spoken, and put together in front of the camera. Observing her teach her seminar I appreciated seeing that true broadcast journalist are the ones that make it look easy.

After we wrapped I waited with bated breath to see how it would air. You never know with reality television and I hoped it would not be something I regretted. My episode aired this week and I was relieved to find out that family and friends from Ohio, Miami, Colorado, and California all tuned in for my debut. My “reviews” were solid. I was told I stayed true to myself and my career, while getting in some good “one-liners” and gay husband time with Giuliana. Overall it was a great experience and something I wont soon forget. I wont be quitting my day job for reality fame anytime soon though!

Michael Corrigan Asst Publicist