ZAP REFRESH: New Year, New Goals

A new year means creating a new resolutions to help you become a better you. Whether it’s taking more time for some R&R, taking that step to become more organized or even saving that money and staying in to make a home cooked meal! These goals are meant to make a change for the better and for our lives to be less difficult. Below, are three ideas to assist and reach those goals.

• Take an annual trip. // Admit it, some of us are workaholics. Even during your time off, you catch yourself doing work when in reality, you should be relaxing and taking the time to focus on yourself. What better way to start off a new year than flying out to the beautiful Caribbean shorelines in the Riviera Maya? Fairmont Mayakoba is a luxury AAA-5 diamond resort that’s a perfect place to unwind.

• Donate your clothes. // While some of us may be workaholics, others of us shopaholics! Do you ever find yourself going through your closet and thinking “I have nothing to wear” or asking yourself “When was the last time I even wore this?” If you are, it’s probably time to say goodbye to that article of clothing! After cleaning out and donating your clothes, get organized with LA Closet Design. Create a space for your wardrobe that is functional yet fashionable!

• Meal prep more often. // “A home cooked meal is a labor of love.” Going out to eat can really hurt your wallet. Taking the time out of your day to prepare your meals on your night off can resolve this problem. Shopping with Mariano’s located in West Town of Chicago is the first step to preparing these home cooked meals! Celebrate the new year with all things fresh, natural and organic.

Happy New Year from the Zapwater family!

BlogMeghan McAllister