ZAP WANDERLUST: Eco-Friendly Vacations

Traveling green is more than just a trend — it’s here to stay! As more global travelers make sustainable options a must-have for holiday travel, the tourism industry has responded in full force. From hotel choices to animal tours, there’s so many ways to make sure every moment of your getaway is something you feel proud of! Below, check out three simple ways to travel sustainably this winter.

  • Book an eco-conscious hotel // With so many hotels committing to be more sustainable, choosing a hotel that is creating positive change has never been easier! Accommodations like Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino are going eco-friendly in a major way without sacrificing luxury. With simple switches like local artisan bacon in breakfast, Hilton is committed to being eco-friendly, meaning you get the escape you deserve while still feeling good about your travel choice.

  • Choose animal-conscious guides // Enjoy stunning wildlife without worry using tour guides that bring an animal-friendly approach! In destinations known for gorgeous wildlife, like La Paz, Mexico, offering a variety of ethical guided tours is a priority. Service providers like Eco Baja are well-known for their respectful approach to some of the rarest wildlife on earth, making choosing an animal-conscious guide the perfect way to make a positive impact!

  • Shop local while abroad // Whether it’s grabbing a snack at a family-owned stand or choosing the perfect hand-sewn purse, shopping local has a positive effect on the climate! Shopping local on your getaway skips the natural resource use that comes with shipping and packaging. The cherry on top to feeling good about your purchase? Shopping from a local under-the-radar boutique or vibrant street market means you can bring back gifts that you truly can’t find anywhere else.

With these three small tweaks, it’s simple to travel green while still taking full advantage of the world around you. From supporting the local makers that make destinations so unique to getting an ethical up-close experience with wildlife, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to start traveling with planet earth in mind!

BlogMeghan McAllister