ZAP WANDERLUST: Scenic Airports

Donegal Landing Image.JPG

Propelling its way into global travel guest connection, the private jet booking platform PrivateFly asked the international travel community to name their top landing in its annual survey, with the most votes overall going to Donegal Airport in Ireland.

For travel fans around the world, the top 10 serves as a look into the most stunning views of aviation descent. From the rugged coastal landscapes of Donegal in Ireland to the dazzling cerulean waters of Florida’s Orlando Melbourne, the top landings list provides a glimpse into the most favored jet-setter destinations around the world. 

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly and an experienced pilot, describes the top 10 as, “an annual bucket list for travel fans, a fascinating mix of global descents to fly in your lifetime.” Whether you’re flying through the skies above the Atlantic or descending into the glimmering lights of Nice, be sure to take in those awe-inspiring views for next year’s poll. Read more here.