SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: Our Social Media Must-Haves

Every great social media team has their arsenal of go-to apps, sites and equipment. And when at least ten new apps seem to be released every day, it’s very hard to know what’s truly worth investing in! Well, were here to help with our top tools essential for social media success.   

Mobile Phone Stabilizer – Talk about a Facebook Live and Instagram Live gamechanger! A stabilizer, also known as a ‘gimbal,’ is a particularly handy tool for recording any sort of video content. It instantly elevates it and makes it much more professional, so you aren’t left with the shakiness of a traditional, handheld shot video. Shop the stabilizer we use here.


UNUM and Planoly– A seamless Instagram aesthetic is crucial to building not only a dedicated following, but a recognizable brand presence, as well! No two apps help achieve this more than UNUM and Planoly. While each has their own benefits, both aid in visualizing what your feed will look like once you’ve uploaded your content without it actually going live on your page. This is hugely beneficial when creating weeks’ worth of content in advance to ensure everything will cohesively fit and drive your profile forward. Do yourself a favor and download both!


Photoshop and Lightroom – Taking photos from bland to breathtaking becomes much easier with these two applications from Adobe. Photoshop has been an industry staple for some time now, but can be on the pricier side for those just starting up. Enter Lightroom, another fantastic photo editing software with many more capabilities than your average iPhone editor.

Image via Adobe

Image via Adobe

Unsplash – When you think of stock imagery, you often imagine the cheesy photos used in your textbooks from elementary school. Well, Unsplash is completely changing the game as an incredible resource that provides quality, free stock imagery to anyone who accesses the site. We’re talking beautifully stylized photos for almost any situation.

Image via  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Image via rawpixel on Unsplash