ZAP WELLNESS: 4 Ways to Feel Your Best This Fall

When someone says “healthy,” it’s easy to immediately conjure up images of green smoothies and treadmills. However, this idea of wellness completely misses a huge part of our overall well-being — our mental health. If you live in the Midwest, you know that the warm, sunny part of fall can quickly turn colder. As fall temperatures drop, you might begin to drag and feel less chipper than you were before. So, how can you snap out of your cold-weather funk before it sets in for good?

Engage in laying groundwork for your best fall ever with positive wellness habits to feel your best, so that you’re prepared when the gorgeous leaves and hot apple cider of fall are replaced by long, winter days. Below, check out four activities to keep that energizing, start-of-the year feeling alive as fall continues.

Begin a gratitude practice // Engaging in a gratitude journal might sound cheesy, but studies provided by UC-Berkley show that it can improve overall mood and happiness. Practice giving your brain a boost by physically writing down five things for which you feel grateful. This could be anything; from “my sister made me pumpkin bread” to “I got promoted at my job.” The goal is to remember and celebrate the good in our lives and enjoy the positive feelings that come with it. You can learn more about the studies behind it here!

Switch up your Exercise routine // Exercise isn’t just about burning calories -- it also has positive effects on our moods. However, doing the same routine everyday can make things monotonous fast. Keep your energy up for fall by changing up your workout routine. Our suggestion? Ditch the treadmill for a brand-new workout at Brooklyn Boulders to try your hand (or arm!) at rock-climbing. With an automatic belay system and climbing routes color-coded at all levels from beginner and up, changing up your routine with rock-climbing is the perfect no-pressure way to refresh your routine!

Have a fall-themed DIY spa day // Make your Sunday less about avoiding Monday and more about enjoying the moment with these fall at-home spa activities! Maybe you want to create a pumpkin spice sugar scrub, or soak in the excitement of fall with baked apple bath salts. Either way, creating something both to celebrate for fall and something you can use to relax is the perfect way to burn off any excess mental energy and be productive. Plus, this fun way to shake cold-weather blues can double as a way to create cool and unique gifts for friends.

Treat Yourself to Fall Deserts // When all else fails, there’s always delectable fall treats around the city. We recommend the maple-pecan-butternut squash w/bourbon vanilla ice cream from spots like Fisk & Co, or fall-themed apple fritter donuts from spots around the city.

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