ZAP REFRESH: How to Conquer Cabin Fever

Image via Edson Soares

Image via Edson Soares

Chicago’s crisp temperatures are officially upon us. With all of the blizzards, subzero wind chills and icy roads that the city faces each winter, it’s no wonder so many of us stay cooped up inside feeling restless or just not our normal selvesBefore you consider making a change-of-address, try these Zap tips to help conquer your cabin fever!

Take up an indoor hobby. // When you’re snowed in, no one wants to spend any more time outside than they have to. Make the most out of time indoors by taking up a new hobby. You’ve likely been creating Pinterest boards for months, so put those dreams to life! Learn how to cook delicious, yet healthy meals from scratch with Burpee vegetables and herbs or give your home a DIY makeover. Not only will these keep you busy, but they can also transform your life for the better! Remember, the happiest people are the ones doing the things they love.

Get festive. // Winter is all about the holidays. For many, this is a joyous season all about bringing friends and family together. Instead of another Netflix binge, grab a couple of friends, that special someone or family members to embrace the holiday season with! Chicago does an amazing job filling its buildings and community spaces with events perfect for the holiday season. From ice skating at Gallagher Way, holiday parades down Magnificent Mile, live performances of The Nutcracker or getting your shopping done at Block 37, the city has plenty to offer to rid of your cabin fever and get you into that cheerful holiday spirit.

Go local. // Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the downtown areas can be a bit overwhelming. Chicago’s local Lakeview, Greektown, Uptown and Ravenswood neighborhoods have just as much to offer yet with a calmer, homier feels. Support small local businesses, family-owned breweries, trending coffee shops and cafes, neighborhood holiday festivals, bar crawls and other events this winter. Changing up your schedule and getting out of the environment that is causing these negative feelings is crucial to curing that cabin fever!

Whatever avenue you choose this winter, make sure you’re taking care of yourself! The winter can be a hard season for so many of us, but if we utilize all the resources within this amazing city, we can truly embrace winter as a season of self-care, exploration and jolly festivities.


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