ZAP WANDERLUST: A Look at Serbia Wine Country

vineyard serbia.jpg

Ever wonder what a few days on a press trip looks like? Our team led a trip to Serbia to experience the country’s different wine regions and learn about their gastronomy in late 2017. Unbeknownst to most, the age-old tradition of wine growing in Serbia has resulted in several wine routes due to the geographical location and weather conditions in the region.

The first stop was to Jeremic Winery in Smederevo, a city in eastern Serbia on the right bank of the Danube. The award-winning Kanon, a blend of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon, was exquisite!

Next stop on the trip was the Aleksandrovic Winery in Topola where the team was greeted with a traditional Serbian mezze and light lunch. The view was phenomenal!

The following day, the group headed to Fruska Gora, the northern region nicknamed ‘the jewel of Serbia’, to visit the Zivanovic Winery. The winery is known for its authentic wine called Bermet which legend says was served on the Titanic.

The trip ended in Subotica at the Cuvardic Winery which is an old family vineyard. This Salas, or homestead as it’s called, offers traditional Hungarian cuisine that’s well-known in the region.

For your next trip, we highly recommend visiting Serbia and exploring the different wine regions

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