ZAP BITES: Food Tour in Chicago’s Chinatown

For someone who loves Asian food as much as I do, I haven’t explored Chicago’s Chinatown nearly enough. I’ve been to dinner there a time or two but never really gotten to know the neighborhood. When I’m on vacation, I love all sorts of tours from biking to walking to food. However, I never really do anything like that in Chicago.

Recently, I decided to be a tourist in my own city.  I went on the three-hour Chinatown Adventure tour through Chicago Food Planet. The tours can accommodate up to 12 people, but we were lucky because ours only had four total participants. It definitely made the experience more hands on. Our tour guides were friendly and knew a ton about the neighborhood. We visited a number of shops and restaurants and had five tastings, including dim sum at Triple Crown Restaurant and mooncakes at Chiu Quon. This is definitely something I would recommend to both tourists and locals. I felt like I was on vacation as I learned about a totally new neighborhood. Now I know where to go when I visit the neighborhood next time!

Madelaine Kukanza, Senior Publicist

Image via Medium