ZAP DECOR: Top Five 2018 Design Trends from ZW Interior Design Clients

Welcome to the most anticipated time of the year, and we’re not talking about the holidays! This is the season when interior designers discuss trends and design resolutions for the upcoming year. We have gathered our top ten favorite home décor trends from several of our uber-talented design clients to share with you!

Add a Whimsical Approach
Donna Mondi, of Donna Mondi Interior Design in Chicago, thinks everyone should incorporate more large scale traditional patterns in a modern way. This playful trend can be shown through extravagant patterns and vibrant colors which would add a quaintness to any room.   

Incorporate a Desk in a Dressing Room
Los Angeles-based Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design shares that she’s seeing more clients request a desk or media corner in their dressing rooms. Lisa says “as more millennials enter the housing market, spaces will become more flexible and multi-functional, challenging the conventional notion of the closet. We will continue to see closets, along with every other space in the home, adapt to this more informal lifestyle. You no longer need a whole room dedicated to your desk, while your wardrobe suffers in a crowded walk-in; instead, these spaces become one.”

Image Credit: LA Closet Design

Mixing Metals
Christine Markatos Lowe is seeing mixed metals being used in kitchens especially where the cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, and lighting are all in a variety of finishes ranging from brass, to nickel to oil-rubbed bronze. This look tends to give a room a modern feel rather than the old tradition of sticking to one metal finish in one space. Christine explains, “for those who are less bold, sticking to one finish for most of a room’s more attached fixtures like lighting or hardware and then mixing in a contrasting finish for accent pieces like a bench or table lamp is a good starting point.”

Cerused Wood
Global interior designer Birgit Klein of Birgit Klein Interiors is currently using cerused wood as her go-to finish for bases of tables, frames of chairs and bedside tables. She explains, “It also looks spectacular on built-ins. The tendency used to be towards sleek, elegant lacquer, which I still love, but I think people are craving more natural elements and materials. Since cerusing wood reveals the natural grain, it adds an organic element to a room, but in a very modern way- especially since it is being done in new finishes like oak washes and greiges.”

Tile it On
Donna says we should use more large format tiles or slabs for bathroom walls. For a surprise contrast try small scale tiles on the floor instead. Even better if the marble has a bold pattern.

Image Credit: Nick Novelli

Stage Your Closet
Lisa Adams shares, “As social media becomes an increasingly present part of our style choices, staging areas in your closet need to not only function well for creating looks, but also must be beautifully designed to showcase new looks and share them across social channels.”

Into the Deep
Donna is starting to infuse deep saturated hues together to create rich environments so soothing they won’t yearn for a neutral color.

Image Credit: Nick Novelli

Maximalist trend
Christine Markatos Design says, “I’m seeing the maximalist trend play out in ways like layering different textured rugs on top of each other, bright colors and bold patterns not only for pillows or accessories but for large pieces in a room, and rather than opting for either bold wallpaper or a bold rug, going for both in the same space.”

Oversized Florals
Birgit Klein says the grand scale of this oversized abstract floral pattern trend really takes commitment but the risk is worth the reward. She says, “An oversized abstract floral is a fresh and modern take on the smaller scale chintzes that are typically viewed as more traditional and stodgy. When used as curtains or on walls, this bold scale pattern doesn’t shy away from making a statement. A dramatically dark, large scale floral wallpaper in a powder room with a subtly striated marble counter top, faceted crystal sconces and antique gold fixtures, turns a typically mundane bathroom into a conversation piece that guests will notice.”

Jewel Tones
Donna adds she’s seeing rich jewel tones in fabrics. “After so many years of gray and greige, the design world is ready for saturated colors in exciting hues.  Neutrals can easily be mixed in making this a trend that is relatively simple to transition to.  New fabric for your upholstery or drapery panels can update your space without starting from scratch,” explained Donna Mondi.