2014 Trend Prediction #6: Getting back to local coffee shops

scoop-slide Especially here in Chicago, when you say you want a cup of coffee you will usually hear, “there’s a Starbucks on the corner.” Now don’t get me wrong, I am no stranger when it comes to Starbucks’ skinny vanilla lattes and its delicious hot chocolates. But the truth of the matter is that, though Starbucks may be a powerhouse brand, there are equally as good lattes, just as delicious hot chocolates and some of the best morning cups of coffee hiding right under your nose! 2014 predicts a big push back towards local coffee shops; here are some good ones you should check out in the Chicago area.

Intelligentsia was founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange on Broadway Avenue on the north side of Chicago. Since then it has expanded to New York City and Los Angeles serving some of the best regular cups of coffee in town. Looking for a great way to start your day? The classic roast with a little cream and sugar will bring you back to your happy place.

La Colombe is the baby of Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti. With only four locations we are lucky that one is right by our office in the west loop. La Colombe is a leading proponent of ethical long-term trade with coffee growers as well as a key supporter of certification organizations. Need a boost of caffeine you can feel? Try their regular lattes.

Bow Truss is an independent coffee roaster based in Chicago that strives to make specialty coffee more approachable. The coffee shop is the perfect meeting space to gather with friends. Home to some of the best iced coffee in town (they serve it on tap), you won’t regret getting your cold fix here.

Little Goat Bread is the baby in the back of Little Goat Diner that has won its way into the hearts of almost all Zapwater employees. They have hands down one of the best Americanos (Stumptown) you will ever have in your life. If you want to get a little wild just add a sprinkle of the cinnamon on top and don’t forget to try the everything bagel. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Alexis Lucente Assistant Publicist